“Do it yourself, enjoy it yourself”. It’s a private house, not a hotel or guesthouse. It’s on a mountain side with a secluded backyard and steps leading up to mountain terraces. It has a kitchen and there are basic foods and beverages available in a refrigerator. There’s an outside bathroom for all the house except for the double room, which has its own.

In the classical house you’ll find a central, communal area. Around this area there are four rooms, three of which are bedrooms. The other room is a sitting room with good reading light. One of the bedrooms has two beds, an airconditioner and a private bathroom with hot shower. Wooden steps lead up to the second floor where you’ll find two big rooms with wooden floors on either side of the house. One is a painting gallery-sitting room; the other a living room with reading/writing table and bed.

In the house there is electric heating in winter time, and there are internet connections (no computer). There’s a water boiler, a toaster and a small coffeemachine for making fresh coffee.

There’s bicycle rental, taxi service to and from Yangshuo and the airport, and a good Chinese restaurant in Jiuxian village with English menu available. Eating at farmers’ houses is also possible (prices negotiable).

Furthermore there is the possibility of visiting a traditional style Chinese painter who lives opposite the house. He would be more than willing to show you around his traditional courtyard and painting room. There is also the possibility to take some lessons in Chinese painting/calligraphy and drink traditional style Chinese tea; little English spoken but well worth the effort.


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