“The scenery along the Yulong River (Yulong He) rivals that of Li River, and it’s an area that usually leaves the biggest impression on most visitors to Yangshuo” (Lonely Planet, 2007 edition)

The Yulong He (“meeting the dragon river”) is a small tributary of the larger Li River near Yangshuo Town. It’s a shallow river of around 5 meters maximum depth and an average of 25 metres across. As it is not located near any industrial areas, it is clean enough for swimming.

Unlike the busy Li River, it has no motorized boat traffic and relies completely on bamboo rafts to ferry passengers downriver. This has become a popular tourist activity, with passengers beginning their journey at the Yulong Bridge (also called “Dragon Bridge”), a 600-year-old stone bridge. As the local government has improved roads through the Yulong River Valley, biking has also become a popular tourist activity, as there are many quaint villages along the river.

The Yulong River Valley is very fertile and its low-lying terrain is excellent for rice fields. In recent years, farmers have planted more cash crops such as pomelos, tangerines and mandarin oranges, which bring in more income than rice. The valley is still agricultural, with few services or businesses outside of the small villages.


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