The House

Classical Qing Dynasty

Classical Qing Dynasty Roof

This classical Qing dynasty (1644-1912) residential building once belonged to a rich landlord or government official. After the fall of the dynasty and the later take-over of China by the communists, rich owners of mansions like this were driven out of them. These were then redistributed amongst poor farmer families. Most larger buildings were split up and are now being shared by different owners. The northern part of Jiuxian village, where this particular house is situated, currently belongs to the Mao family.

The house was uninhabited for over 15 years but the outer grey stone walls, of which mansions like this were made of, and the black-tiled roof were still in very good condition. The interior of the house was partly ruined, still some old traditional details like wooden walls, doors, floors and family altar had survived remarkably well.

Now the building has been totally renovated and sufficiently modernized, with many original details still intact. It’s a great place to spend some time, as it is located at the rustic northern edge of Jiuxian village against a mountain side. There’s a secluded backyard and mountain terrace.


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